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The constitution of the Models of Decision and Optimization (MODO) Research Group was done under the II Andalusian Research Programme in the year 2001, although in the Soft Computing area MODO members are active since the late 1970, being well recognized its activity in attending congresses, meetings and workshops as well as by means of their publications in leading journals. MODO members develop research in accordance with the financed projects that they are developing, and hence nowadays the main research lines are the following:

    • Bioinformatics
    • Decision Making models and Decision Support Systems
    • Design of Fuzzy Controllers
    • Fuzzy Sets and Systems
    • Nature Inspired Systems
    • Optimization Models for Complex Problems
    • Soft Computing based Metaheuristics

From the academic point of view, some MODO members are involved in teaching activities in the Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence on the following subjects:

  • Bioinformatics: Structure problems
  • Cooperative strategies for designing algorithms
  • Decision Making Models
  • Fuzzy Sets and Systems
  • Information Theory
  • Soft Computing based Metaheuristics
  • Theory and Design of Algorithms

As cooperation is concerned, the group maintain very close relationships with the national and international scientific community. In particular, and besides the research activities that are being developed under the collaboration schemes derived from the financed projects that are being carried out with public and private national institutions, MODO has permanent collaborative links with the following foreign institutions:

  • Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing. University of California (USA)
  • CUJAE (Havana, Cuba)
  • Helsinkin Technical University (Finland)
  • Kyushu Institute of Technology (Japan)
  • Machine Intelligence Institute (USA)
  • Systems Research Institute (Poland)
  • Technical University of Iasi (Romania)
  • University "Nacional de Mar del Plata" (Argentina)
  • University "Nacional de Trujillo" (Peru)
  • University of Campinas (Brazil)
  • University of Holguín (Cuba)
  • University of Nottingham (UK)

As a consequence, the records of publication of MODO along the last five years can be summarized in the following table:


Publications Number
Publication in JCR journals 48
Publication in Int'l congresses 41
Publication in Spanish congresses 31
Ph. D. Thesis advisored 5
Published books 4
Book chapters 24

MODO Research group invite all the scienitific national and international community to state mutual collaborative links to facilitate the development of common research projects that benefit both parties.

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